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Leaders Uncovered: Kateřina Vacková, Loono

Last week, we introduced to you new event series Leaders Uncovered, where we discover the personal stories of Czech business leaders. The first host was Kateřina Vacková, the founder of the non-profit organization Loono. We talked about her early days as an entrepreneur, about her personal and work life, and how did her personal challenges direct her on her path into the leader Katka is today.

It's important to think about your health. Founder of Loono inspires and teaches the public about prevention.

Kateřina is a creative type of leader. She invents, builds and then finds the right people for the job. For several years she has been running a successful non-profit organization Loono. One of her biggest fear was not being recognized by the medical community. And even though the beginnings were not easy, today the doctors themselves support her team knowing they are doing an amazing job.

With her passion for biology and the study of the human body, she went to study medicine, which she successfully completed after seven years of studying. Kateřina gained experience during an internship at one of the most prestigious hospitals in Vienna and Porto. She also spent half a year studying at Harvard, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, thanks to the financial support of the Bakala Foundation.

She became sick during her studies and, after successful treatment, she began to help others by founding her first company, Loono. Katka considers her project as a life mission and team success. Over the years, experiences have taught her to ask for help and trust others to do their job right. And as she says, "A good leader has to listen to people. What the team's needs are, what they think about the company and where it's headed. Leaders have to listen to both personal and work-related things. Being a human-oriented leader is rewarding for both you and the team."

One of the happiest moments of her career was when Loono's afford came through and they helped attendees of their workshop discover their sickness early on and save their life.

According to Kateřina, she wouldn't change anything in her story so far. And what are her plans for the future? "I would like to continue studying and working on myself. I still want to support the development of preventive care and continue my career down that path. And to be a professional surfer, it is a sport that resonates with who I am."

You can watch the whole interview, conducted by our moderator Erika, on our Instagram.

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