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Leaders Uncovered: Jiří Diblík, Qusion

The second event from the series Leaders Uncovered happened last week, this time with the passionate traveler Jiří Diblík from Qusion. Jirka shared his story as a young leader along with the life lessons he holds dear. He also described his new project, which helps people to become more productive and take care of their mental health.

It should be possible to work from anywhere. Founder of Qusion is a promoter of remote work.

Jiří Diblík, one of the youngest members of the team with his age, is an incredibly humble young man, who lives partly in Prague and Switzerland. He writes several diaries as a self-reflection on his personal and professional life, which he warmly recommends to everyone else.

Although it may seem that starting a business at a young age may affect your personal and social life in a bad way, Jirka sees the situation differently. He says he has that thanks to the hard work he has gained and learned more than he ever could. During the last two years of his studies, he traveled to 22 countries, participated in many hackathons, developed his company, and raised an investment. And even while running a business, he enjoys a youthful personal life.

Together with the co-founder of Qusion, Ondřej Kopecký, they have been assembling robots since the sixth grade. They became world champions with a fire-fighting robot. This fact suggests that hardware has been a part of their lives since childhood. Jiří and Ondřej are business partners and good friends for a very long time. And how does their relationship work? "We spend all our time together. We are business partners, friends, and room-mates. We even sat together at school. We're very connected, even though we're completely different. I think we make a great team. We can communicate everything quickly, we don't have pretense. It's great to have a Co-founder that supports you. When you're at the bottom, you're in it together and you're not alone. We know what to expect from each other." says Jirka.

At the moment, he is practically working full-time on his new project. Together with the Miton investment fund, psychologists and psychiatrists are working on a new application called VOS.health. VOS is a self-reflective tool is created under the hands of experienced people that aggregates all the data that affect people's mental health. Today, about 10% of the population suffers from mental illness, and Jirka decided to address this issue. In the app, which is in a trial version at this moment, the user can swipe several times a day and record how they feel and create their smart diary. "We want to draw on what we have learned in innovation and we want to transfer it into health and create something beneficial for all of us. Our vision is to make everyone feel better." completes Jirka, Co-Founder of Qusion & VOS.health, our second guest on Leader Uncovered.

Watch the whole interview on our IGTV.

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