Petr Sobotka

Petr Sobotka

Founder / Sales Strategist

I am a CEO & co-founder of HEADIM - interim management provider. I have spent last 15 years in various leadership position including corporates as well as startups. I help startups' founders and small and medium entrepreneurs to succeed in theirs visions and turn these visions into business reality. My company cooperates with our clients not only on consultant level but we have also become an essential part of theirs competition because we believe that a key to success is in an execution of business strategy. My background is in B2B with focus on sales. I have worked for some incubators/accelerators and I have cooperated with lot of startups at different stages of theirs business as a mentor, an expert or as an interim manager.

I can help with:

B2B, Sales, Management, Strategy

Mentoring in:

Czech, English

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