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About M.arter

M.arter is an educational and networking platform for women and men on parental leave. We help return to the labor market both for employees in existing or new jobs, and for freelancers or entrepreneurs with their own projects or companies. We organize workshops from professionals from various fields, offline or online mastermind meetings with the guest, but also selective online programs for beginning or advanced entrepreneurs or career restart. We are Freedompreneur of the Year 2019 (Central European Startup Awards).

About the role

- Write striking text to our social media (Facebook, Instagram).
- Work with our online community (over 3800 members).
- Participation at online workshops.
- Preparation of photos and graphics for social media. Newsletter, blog and other forms of writing, if you are up for it.

What we offer

- Working with social networks, how they work algorithmically (directly from our CEO).
- Creating and working with the online and offline community.
- Basics of customer care and building relationships with them.
- Write texts that really appeal to the target group.

January 9, 2021

How it works?

1. Hit I want an internship and set-up your initial call

2. Schedule a call with our career mentor to kick things off

3. After the intro call, we will start matching you with the right startups for you

4. The rest in on you, break a leg!

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